$ 89.00

Product Description

The Strapper is a hit, our best seller by far (it's also our design, so yeah we're kind of bragging). The heavier, belting weight leather pubic plate means secure hold. No ring is needed to support the opening like in lighter garment weight leather harnesses. This makes for a smooth surface for maximum comfort on labia and pubic mound. The short pubic plate ensures that you have no covering or irritation of the clit.

The dill opening is 1 9/16" in diam. and will accommodate most dills, as long as they have a flared base. D-rings mean easy adjustments in mid-flight, or for sharing between partners. Floating butt straps are ideal for customized positioning or turning this harness into a G-string style. Can be worn by women or men.

WARRANTY: Five year repair or replacement warranty against manufacturing defects.

DIMENSIONS: Fits up to 44" hip. Larger size fits up to 54" hip. Larger sizes available as custom orders.





Never machine wash leather. Never use harsh detergents or bleach. Spot wash with warm water and mild hand soap. Hand made and newly dyed leather may leech some colours. This is not alarming - just what happens to hand dyed leather. Using Dayton OK Oil will help preserve the colour intensity along with the natural life of your product.

We recommend Dayton OK Oil because it is petroleum based. Avoid the use of animal fat or wax-based products in caring for your leather. Animal fat will rot the stitching and the wax products stay on the surface instead of absorbing in to the leather.

The Strapper is adjustable to either a jock or g-string style harness. Simply move the "butt straps" along the waist and rotate the straps on their rivets at the pubic-plate (much simpler than it sounds due to the unfamiliar language). If in doubt, contact us.

Q: I have been having difficulty with my Strapper harness. I have a boyish figure, and the straps constantly slide downwards. Any suggestions?

A: Sometimes people find themselves doing the harness shimmy at inopportune times simply because they're wearing a harness like ?boyfriend? jeans-low around the hips. The first step is to find a higher resting place for the waistband, one that takes advantage of your hipbones. Once you have that setting, the waistband will act like a belt to let the harness sit firmly in place. Here?s how to find that spot: The waistband should sit in the middle of the back and then pass over the tips of your hip bone as the band curves down to the attached pubic plate.

Next, if you find the waist drifting downwards and you know that it was hugging the hipbone just moments ago, it is probably because the leg straps have been cinched too tight or not placed in the right spot. If you wear your harness jock style, the leg straps should run underneath the cheeks (not across) and around to the front hipbone. Smaller wearers may need to slip the leg-straps in front of the Double-D rings on the waistband.

Once the leg straps are the right place, loosen them up. They shouldn?t be cinched tight as if they are somehow vertically holding your harness on ? this will just succeed in pulling your waist belt down! The leg straps aren?t there to hold the harness up, they are there to keep the pubic plate against the pubic mound; it?s not necessary for them to be tight.

We?re optimistic that you?ll be strapped up right and tight from these not-as-complex-as-they-first-sound steps!